Routing and remote access

I what am setting up a network for a small business and i am running in to a problem with routing and remote access.

I have two network cards and they are configured staticly one is our configured to our public static address and the other is configured for our local scope. my question is on the local card. do i need to put a gateway on it? and if so what should it be.

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No, you should not put a gateway on the inside interface.

Multiple default gateways can cause problems; only one card should have a default gateway.

Use static routes if there are other subnets on the inside to which you need traffic routed.
So you have two network cards in one computer?  What OS is the computer running? Does the network have a router?  Can you possibly diagram the network and post it?

The gateway IP address in a small network is normally the Router's local LAN IP address that contains the ISP WAN information.  

If you don't have a router you can configure a particular computer to act as a router.
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