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Deny IP manager entry All in cpanel

Hi All,
I am relatively new to cpanel. But have used other control panels. I normally block unwanted IP’s in the htaccess file.
When I set up the hosting account I looked at Deny IP manager and believe it said “no IPs are being blocked”.
Then one day the list of “Current IP addresses being blocked:” changed to a single entry:
Server Setting – All  
Beginning IP – All
Ending IP - All
When I try to remove this entry I get the following error message "Error: invalid argument, requires IP"
The site still works (which kind of surprises me) and people come and go. But I suspect this issue has something to do with an issue with returning transactions.
I look forward to hearing what people think, is this entry normal or should I / how can I get rid of it.
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1 Solution

Have you tried this:

Now to remove the IP banning, all you need to do is remove the string it created in your .htaccess file or select it from the drop down menu on the Ip Deny Manager page.

Ref: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6207

Regards, Tobias
mytextAuthor Commented:
Hi Tobais,

I had a look at the old and the new htaccess file and...

The new after editing by cpanel:
<Limit GET POST>
#The next line modified by DenyIP
order allow,deny

The old htaccess from backup:
<Limit GET POST>
order deny,allow

I have a big list of blocked IPs which I added manually.

What would the effect of the change in order be?

is there anyway to stop cpanel from messing in the htaccess?

many thanks.


Did it work to restore the .htaccess file from backup?

>What would the effect of the change in order be?
I don't know.

>is there anyway to stop cpanel from messing in the htaccess?
It might be a bug in cPanel. Try opening a ticket at:

Regards, Tobias
mytextAuthor Commented:
Hi Tobias,

I have changed it back to the old method. I will not know if it made any difference untill a real life transactions gets processed.

I have checked the site from a number of computers and see no negitive impact, yet anyway.


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