Sonicwall VLAN Routing?

Our sonicwall is not routing properly.

We have 2 VLANS,

X0 LAN interface

When i am on the X0 subnet, I am able to ping out (google) ping any device on the X0 subnet, and anything on the X0:V2 interface.

If i connect to the X0:V2 interface, I am unable to ping out (google) I am also unable to ping anything on the X0 interface. I CAN ping the default gateway (, I can also ping the X0 parent default gateway:

I have also attached a screen shot of the routing interface

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The Default Gateway for the X1 (WAN) interface must be the IP# of the next hop routing device that is outbound from the Sonicwall.
There can only be one Default Gateway,...the very definition of the term (Default) means there can be only one.  That Default Gateway must be the one associated with the X1(WAN) Interface.  There must not be any other Default Gateway on the Sonicwall anywhere.

The screen shot you gave really is not relevant to anything here.  There is very little chance that this is a Routing Table issue.  Yes, the Default Gateways can effect the Routing Table,...but the solution is not to alter the Routing Table, but to correct the Default Gateway situation, doing so will automatically correct the Routing Table
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