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Outlook 2007 freezes when attaching documents

Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I am having an issue with one of our users. Her Outlook freezes when attaching documents. The issue is only intermittent and does not matter what size or type the file is.

So far we have re-created the outlook profile, ran SCANPST, repaired microsoft office. I have also tried a few command-line switches.

Any other ideas of what I can do would be great.

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I have verified she does have SP2.

She only has two network drives that she uses and that are working fine.

The user also informed me that the issue persists more then attaching documents locally from her machine rather than the network drives.

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As this issue is intermittant

Im guessing if you look at her PC now
And the Netwrok Drives are both working fine
If you try attaching the Doc it will work okay

Or have you physically seen this issue yourself occur when both netwrok drives were connected.

Are the netwrok drives/shares on a server or connected to another computer?
If to another computer, you can test by turning it off.
Log this user off their pc and back on
Then test adding attachments


I have physically been on the machine when outlook froze when attaching documents. The network drivers were fine. She states she has never had an issue with her drives.

The drivers are on a server. No other users have had this issue either.

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Hrm Okay.

So Mapped Drives are okay.

Have had someone have a similar problem ages ago, and also had no disconnected mapped drives....

What ended up being the cause of the problem were broken/old/unlinked shortcuts in the users "My Documents" Folder.
By opening the user’s documents and deleting the broken shortcuts, this resolved the issue.

This occurs as when an attachment it added, Outlook's Default is the My Documents Folder.

Outlook then wants to resolve any shortcuts that exist in that folder first.....
If a link is broken it just chugs and chugs.....


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