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Replying to emails using Smartphones and formatting

msidnam asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Is it possible to keep the formatting when replying using smartphones (ie, iPhone, andriod, BB, etc)?

We currently have an Exchange 2003 server using Outlook 2003 and our users connect using all types of phones to sync emails. One user in particular is complaining that when she replies to emails that the signature she put on her phone gets mangled. When it should looke like this:

Name of user
Company name
555-555-1111 Cell
555-555-2222 Desk

It looks like this:
Name of user<br>Company name<br>555-555-1111 Cell<br>555-555-2222 Desk<br>

I know its ether the way the phone is formatting it or the way outlook sees it (even if outlook is set for word to be the editor and viewer). When looking at the same mangled reply on my Atrix 4G it looks fine (even though in the preview before i tap the email i do see the <br> codes).

I'm trying to explain to the user that with so many phones, OS's and manufacturers its very hard to pinpoint why this happens. The repsonse i get from the user is "I have no issues using my earhtlink account on my phone. the formatting is fine."

i'm looking for any insight or suggestions. Maybe i need to change something on the exchaneg server. I dont see any options on her phone (Sprint Samsung Galaxy S) to send HTML or rich txt.
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