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VS.NET Debugging

I have two projects.  Project #1 is a DLL that is used by Project #2.  When I first started on the project I was using Visual Studio 2005.  Fast forward, that computer crashed, and I had to get a new one.  And now I'm running Visual Studio 2010 (Not because of it's a new computer, but I needed better Multi Threading debugging tools.)  

When I first started developing on these projects, I had both projects open and I would write code.  I would then run project #2, and if there was any bad code in Project #1 that caused an error, Prioject #2 would magically open up the source file from Project #2 and show me the error in Visual Studio 2005.  My guess is that I had a debugging setting on or off that allowed this that does not turned on by default in 2010.  Does anyone know what setting allows this feature of debugging?

1 Solution
Hi. It's been a while since I've tried debugging across solutions. Have you considered adding both projects to the same solution? I find it's a much easier environment to work in. You can then set the reference of the second project to the first PROJECT, not the binary output of it.

I wonder if your reference in the second project is set to a COPY of the binary of the first project? Check the reference. Go into properties of it. See if it's set to copy local. That approach makes a snapshot of the dll.

Also make sure the projects are in Debug config.

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