Is there a way to add a new user via VPN from a remote office?

I would like to add a new user to a PC in a remote office that connects to our main site via VPN(Cisco).  Is there a way to do so instead of bringing the PC to the main site and connecting it to the network?  There is a user already using the computer but we want to assign a new user to it.  The account has been created on our server for the new user.  I just need to know how to add that user to the PC that VPNs in to our main site.  Can you provide detail instructions?
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAsked:
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Is this a Windows XP computer?

In the Cisco VPN client in XP you can go to Options in the VPN client > Windows Logon Properties...

You can enable the VPN client to run prior to login.  When you hit Control + Alt + Delete on the computer wait for the VPN client to open and create a VPN connection first.  Then you can try logging on the new user that doesn't yet have a profile on the existing computer.  It sounds like that is your problem, correct?

I take it there is no site-to-site tunnel setup; only remote access tunnels from the individual PCs?

I have not found a way to do this in an OS later then XP.  
install the cisco vpn client. enter in the vpns IP address, and the username and password for the account.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
The client is already installed on the remote PC, thats how the other user gets in.
I need to know how to create the Windows log-on user if there is no such user there now.
The way I did it before was to bring in the PC from that location to the main site and connect it directly to the network and log in using the new user's credentials.  Then I would take that PC back to the remote office and then they could log-in and then use VPN to connect to the network.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
kloux,  it is Windows 7.
I can try your suggestion on my laptop to see if that works.
If it does it saves me several hours of commute time traveling between offices.
 Regarding your instructions,
Do I first log-in as the old user and then goto VPN Client options>Windows Logon Properties?
There I make changes to log-in as new user and then follow second set of instructions?
No there is no site-to-site setup.
We don't have a server there yet.
Yes, log in as the original user.  I don't think that option will be there for Windows 7.  I haven't seen it since XP.  
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