re: fnd load

Hi Everyone

i have written a shell script in DEV instance and now i have to use same shell script in PROD instance , where i think i need to do fnd load

but im ignorant of the code for that task

help me out
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Swadhin RayConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical Engineer Commented:
log to root directory and place the script and make sure you provide the read write permission to the path.

Then you can call your script and execute it.
Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
cd $FND_LOAD -- do this in your production environment  to change the home dir of FND apps code.

Are you trying to execute your shell script from this directory ?

What is your shell script has to do with the FND LOAD ? i am not very clear on how these two are related. Can you give more details.

iamtechnicalAuthor Commented:
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