Cisco 2911 ISR with CME and UE

We have installed a Cisco 2911 ISR with CME and UE.

Currently the incoming lines are via two 4 port FXO Cards and I have one 2 port FXS card for the two fax machines on site.

After hte fact, the customer asked me about linking the paging into the system.  They have a standard analog paging system in house and they want to be able to dial extension 2050 and send a voice page to the separate analog amp.

So, the official question is:

Can this be done through one of the FXO ports? I have read it can be done through the FXS.

If it can be done through the FXO then please offer some advice or instruction as to how I can do it on Voice-Port 0/1/3

If it cannot be done through the FXO port then can you offer guidance as to how it can be done through voice-port 0/2/1 the FXS Port.

If it cant be done through either FXO or FXS, can you offer advice as to how it can be done, module to buy, etc?

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If it's a multi-zone paging system then this would be accomplished thru FXO.  If it's a single zone then FXS will be used.

here is the example for an FXO integration with a pots dial-peer and a destination pattern of 2050

dial-peer voice 2050 pots
destination-pattern 2050
port 0/1/3

TheMetalicOneAuthor Commented:
Hello EyeNoVoIP

The system is a single analog paging amp to 8 paging horns.  I only have FXO ports free on the router.   If I understand multi-zone to single-zone correctly, my environment is a single zone.

If I understand your response correctly this means the FXO will not work and I need to buy a second FXS card to accomplish the goal?

Please let me know if my understanding is correct.  Sorry for the delay in response :)

That's correct, you will need an FXS port to configure this. The Dial Peer EyeNoVoIP has provided is correct where "port 0/1/3" is the FXS port connected to the paging system.
TheMetalicOneAuthor Commented:
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