forwadring to Servlet from Remote object fails

hi guys
I am generating Pdf from flex. From my flex client i call 'RemoteCustomer'  a java remote object and call generatePdf()method. In this method i am trying to forward to a java Servlet called PDFServlet which is in the same package as RemoteCustomer but i get error shown below

public class RemoteCustomer{

public void generatePdf(Workflow workflow){
boolean pdfStatus = true;
String sessionKeyName = "PDF_BYTESTREAM";
ByteArrayOutputStream pdfByteStream = null;
HttpServletRequest request = flex.messaging.FlexContext.getHttpRequest();
HttpServletResponse response = flex.messaging.FlexContext.getHttpResponse();
pdfByteStream = PdfMaker.makePdf(workflow); -- this contains the byte stream which needs to be passed to servlet
request.getSession().setAttribute(sessionKeyName,p dfByteStream);
request.getRequestDispatcher("PDFServlet").forward(request, response); //PDFServlet exist in same package as this class

PDFServlet is my servlet class but unfortunately its not forwarding to the servlet.

It says

org.springframework.flex.servlet.MessageBrokerHand lerAdapter handle Received invalid request for endpoint path '/messagebroker/PDFServlet'.[4/26/11 12:58:10:850 EDT] 00000029 srt W addHeader WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed.
[4/26/11 12:58:10:865 EDT] 00000029 srt W setDateHeader WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed.
[4/26/11 12:58:10:865 EDT] 00000029 srt W setHeader WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed.
[4/26/11 12:58:10:928 EDT] 00000029 srt W setIntHeader WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed.
[4/26/11 12:58:10:944 EDT] 00000029 SystemOut O [BlazeDS]SRVE0209E: Writer already obtained
java.lang.IllegalStateException: SRVE0209E: Writer already obtained
at Outpu

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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ChristoferDutzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well one byte is one byte of size ... the Java Object Byte is a lot bigger. I encountered really major memory issues as Flex Uploade of about 10MB used more than 100MB of memory on the server. ... Guess this is because BlazeDS reads the AMF for a starting array and therefore creates An Object[] ... unfortunately each element of the array is one byte to BlazeDS creates one byte Object and not a byte primitive and adds that to the array.

My solution was to do uploads and downloads of byte data parralell to AMF/BlazeDS using Spring MVC components.
Well I guess you are recieving this error because you are using the http-request and response objects to output your data. Unfortunately blazeds uses these objects to output an AMF serialized form of the data returned by a method call. So you are bypassing the AMF serialization and this is what BlazeDS and Flex are complaining about. In BlazeDS ByteArrays are extremely imperformant (byte[] would be great, but Byte[] really sucks (takes about 10 times the memory).

I would suggest to call your Servlet directly from the Flex client using an UrlRequest or something like that.
royjaydAuthor Commented:
yeah, makes sense

when you said
>>>byte[] would be great, but Byte[] really sucks

whats the difference between byte[] and Byte[]

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