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vb script xmldom

The following code fails on Line 22 where I am returning the loaded xml document back to the operational code.  Is this a limiation of vb script, not being able to pass an xmldom object back from a function?  If not a limitaition of vb script, how do I code so xml doc is returned and able to be parsed in the operational code?

Other info:  This is used in a proprietary work flow designer for an ERP system.  
The scripting window in the work flow designer is vb script based.
dim template
set template = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

template = RetrieveTemplate
msgbox template

Function RetrieveTemplate()

	dim xmltemplate
	set xmltemplate = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
	xmltemplate.async = false

	file = "http://training7i/ifas7/workflow/custom/POPRRCFM/xml/seedrequestPOUPPR.xml"
	xmltemplate.load file
	msgbox xmltemplate.xml  'this works ok
	RetrieveTemplate = xmltemplate  'this fails

End Function

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1 Solution
xmltemplate is an object, so you need the keyword Set before the "receiver" - line 21:
Set RetrieveTemplate = xmltemplate  'this fails

the same goes for line 5.

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