ipad connecting to exchange 2007 via internal wifi network

New sheriff in town wants to use his ipad in lieu of a laptop. It does not have 3G and must run on the corporate wifi network. The ipad exchange interface looks the same as his iphone which I did get running over 3G.

Our external domain name is different than our internal names.
ie: external is mail.externaldomainname.com
     internal is: mailservername.internaldomainname.local

I am stuck trying to get it working internally, I don't know how to identify if activesync is enabled internally or what it's internal name would be. Are there shell commands that I should be using to determine this?  I should also add that we do use a self signed cert.....

New Sheriff also forwarded to me Stephen Fosketts blog regarding ipad, with excerpt in it:

"iPad Exchange ActiveSync only works inside/outside my company’s Wi-Fi!
Many corporate networks have different Exchange server names inside and outside the firewall. Some will even disallow access to the Exchange ActiveSync server on the internal network. This configuration will greatly complicate your iPad use. You have two choices:
Set up two different connections to your mail, one ActiveSync and another IMAP, based on what is and is not available on the internal network.
Only use the outside/public configuration. Don’t use the internal network at all, or turn off Wi-Fi whenever you want to access your mail.
Neither is really a good option. A better solution is to get the email and network administrator to make everything work no matter where you are."
That is actually my situation as I believe he CAN connect externally just not internally, however it is easier said than done....lol. Any help to point me in the right direction so that is does work either externally or internally would be appreciated......
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Please have a read of Demazter's great article which explains what you need to do to your internal DNS to make this work:

and_the_beat_goes_onAuthor Commented:
worked like a charm, thanks.

you said we need to create a forward lookup zone that’s named owa.domainname.com. should i use this even though we use mail.domainname.com? I’m just a bit confused about that. thanks in advance.


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