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Is there a limit to the number of emails we can send without being flagged as spammers?

We are looking to at the possibility of sending out small email blasts inviting recipients, who have already opted into our customers email lists, to view pURLs (personalized URLs) generated by my system.  We are going to be sending them out via an SMTP connection to my Exchange 2003 box from an application called XMPie.  

For obvious reasons, I am concerned about my system being blacklisted for spam and am hoping someone can help me get to the bottom of a small debate.  Is there a particular threshold, in regards to emails sent, that we can stay under to prevent us being flagged as spammers?

I would appreciate other opinions but documentation I can present to the powers that be would be even better.

3 Solutions
Yes there is a limit.  It is dependent on your ISP.  Some can be tagged as Spam as low as 50-100 emails at one time.

I know what we have done is limit it to 30 emails at once, but that got rather burdensome in creating the email mass mailing.  So now we use Constant Contact.
I would argue that if your emails conform to the CAN-SPAM act and have appropriate opt-out/unsubscribe links, you should be able to send a fair amount of emails to customers that have already opt'd in to receive emails from you.
Rules from the US gov't --


You should proactively contact your ISP to make sure that they have the correct contact person (you?) that can respond to complaints/unsubscribe requests that they receive.
Your ISP is likely to be a lot more tolerant of larger volumes of email being sent by you if they know that you are following email regulations and are responsive to unsubscribe requests.

A less riskier but more costly option is to use  Constant Contact, or ExactTarget, which are two of many different email service providers that I have personally used or had a friend use successfully.
They have contacts with most/all of the ISP to make sure that they have high deliverability rates for their emails.

It sounds like you are using your own exchange email server which means you can send as many messages as you want.

Just makes sure the recipients actually signed up for your newsletter, that they can unsubscribe, and that the email addresses are active.

If they haven't subscribed, they will probably mark your message as spam and if enough people do that, your messages will be blocked by the receiving email servers.

If you send it out to a bunch of email addresses that don't exist, the receiving email servers will eventually block your messages as it will look like your trying to spam users.
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