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Joing to Microsoft Domain

Don't know anything about Apple period.  I person in our company brought the apple to office and asked me to join that machine to our Microsoft domain. We have Server 2003 as our domain controllers. I need some easy to follow steps for a lay person to get the machine to join the domain or whatever is requred for him to authenticate and use our network resources.
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Im not sure about easy for the lay person but try this

Before joining a Mac OS X machine to Active Directory, please have the following information ready:

Domain Credentials

Using Directory Utility
1.      Log into the Apple computer you want to join to the domain. You must be logged into an account with Administrator access.
2.      Open the Directory Utility, which is located in:

10.6 (Snow Leopard): /System/Library/CoreServices
3.      If necessary, click the padlock and enter your password to unlock the Directory Utility.
4.      Click the checkmark next to Active Directory to enable Active Directory support.
5.      Highlight Active Directory and click on the Pencil icon in the lower-right hand of the directory list to configure the Active Directory connection.
6.      Enter Domain.
7.      Enter in a computer name under Computer ID. This should be prepended with your OU's name and a hyphen.

8.      Click Bind.... A prompt will ask you for your network credentials and a computer OU. Enter your OU admin account and password, and the following computer OU location
9.      Click Apply in the Directory Utility to save your changes.
10.      Restart your machine.

After Joining
Installing AD Management Software: AD management software is not available for Mac OS X.
You will need to install the tools on a Windows machine in order to manage your Active Directory resources. Active Directory - Remote Administration Tools

Enable Network Login: To allow users in the Active Directory to log into your mac, you must enable Network Login:
1.      Open up System Preferences and select the Accounts menu item.
2.      Click Login Options, located at the bottom of the left-hand user list.
3.      Check Allow network users to log in at login window to enable network login. You can click Options... to specify which users can log in.
When logging into the mac with Active Directory credentials, you do not have to specify a domain.


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This link from Apple is your best start on learning how to integrate Macs into your Windows AD Domain http://training.apple.com/itpro/macinteg/mib/Mobile/interface/index.html
cebu1014Author Commented:
In order to access files and printers, would I need to go through all these steps? Im not really needing to join the mac to the domain.
I am confused, in your opening statement you said you wanted the user to join the domain.  Can you please clarify what you are trying to do?
cebu1014Author Commented:
Thought might be necessary at that time to join the domain. However,just now we were able to get access to files printers etc without going through that procedure. It is fine now. Goal accomplished.
cebu1014Author Commented:
This will provide me for future reference in case I need to go a step further. Thank you

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