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The server is is running on SBS 2003. The users can access the shared file at the same time however it keeps on prompting a warning that another user is accessing the file.  Ex. When Users A and B opens the file, the warning say User C is accessing the file.  The users finds the warnings annoying and confusing, im wondering if there is a way to disable the warnings.

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If users A and B read the warning message, it specifically tells them they (if they open the file) are opening a READ ONLY copy of the file.  This should be an indicator to them of a few things.  First, the the copy they are viewing is (most likely) no longer current - as another user is making changes to the file at that time.  And secondly - that any changes they make will be lost as soon as the user who has the file open closes it.  I.E. - READ ONLY.  They really do need to know this information.  Without this message, they have no way of telling if the copy they are viewing is current, or if their work is even going to be saved to the file.  I'd recommend on educating them that this is not an "annoyance", it is a specific, built-in, and very necessary message that will affect their actions with said file.  

That being said, there are times where this message can appear in error.  For a fix when this occurs, please see the MS article below:

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this is normal.  Users should not be accessing the file at the same time on a normal file server.  Two people cannot access a Word, Excel, PPT, etc file at the same time - they will begin losing data as one of them saves over another's work.  You want this warning.
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