Active Sync with Exchange 2010 and Droid

Hello Everyone,

         We curently installed Exchange 2010 SP1 and we are having issues with ActiveSync on Droid phones.  ActiveSync works perfect on iPhone, iPad, however it will not work on Droid.  Has anyone else run into this problem?

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jhindsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It may be an issue specific to the phone model(s) in question. I had a Motorola Droid X and was able to use the native Email application to connect to my Exchange 2010 SP1 account, but if I used a custom ROM, the native Email application would not work. I was also unable to get my original Motorola Droid to connect to Exchange 2010 SP1. I believe it comes down to the security policies you are enforcing in your Exchange environment, and what policies the phones support. For example, my original Droid did not support an Exchange PIN policy, whereas the Droid X does support the PIN policy. The surefire way I have found to get connected to Exchange is via the TouchDown app from NitroDesk. I finally broke down and started using TouchDown so I could use a custom ROM on my Droid X. Use a free trial of TouchDown and see if that 'resolves' your issues.
What version of Android are your devices running.  There was an activesync issue with 2.2.  If you are using 2.2 you should upgrade to 2.2.1 and see if the issue resolves.
abariaAuthor Commented:
The phones are currently running 2.2.1.  I have tried everything, but I can't get it to work.  
abariaAuthor Commented:
We tried touchdown and it worked.  I guess we will be using that until Droid(or Google) fixes this issue.
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