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Consuming WCF Service in Class Library

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
Hello All
I have written a WCF service and hosted it on IIS 7.
I am trying to consume it through a c# class library project.
I tried both SVCUtil.exe and 'Add Service Reference' option in VS 2010. But I cannot seem to access the operation in the service.
I get an 'Object Reference' error.

i know for sure the Service works fine because I ran it in Debug Mode in visual studio, and used the test client.

I read in a blog that class library projects cannot read a config file.
So I use a custom channel factory class to read the .config file for the endpoint and binding.
Its through this channel that i try to access the service operation, and thats where I get the error.

Not getting why..

Please help!
Thanks in advance.
namespace Test
    public class Class1 : ProjectEventReceiver
        public override void OnCheckIn(PSLib.PSContextInfo contextInfo, ProjectPostEventArgs e)

        public void StartService(Guid projectUID)
                CustomChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1> channel = new CustomChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1>("WSHttpBinding_IService1", "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2010\\Projects\\Test\\Test\\app.config");

                ServiceReference1.IService1 svc = channel.CreateChannel();

            catch (Exception ex)


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Thanks andsSorry for the late response.

That is how i would do it with any application. But in this case, the class library I am developing is an Event Handler to be registered on the Project Server 2010, specifically Project Web Access (PWA). I am new to PWA and Sharepoint customization. Would you know where the config file would be in this case?


The solution was not pertinent to my situation.
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