Local Agent in Lotus Notes

In the past I wrote a local agent that I usually run manually for our Notes database. I'm about to get a new PC and just would like to know where I can find that local agent in my Hard Drive.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Agents are normally found inside a database. Make sure your local notes data directory is copied to your new PC. In doubt, make a backup copy of the data directory.
Whenever I get a new computer I make sure to copy all NSF files to the new computer..

To make it really easy you can copy the Notes.INI file all NSF files and All NDK files to the new computer and be good to go.  

The only catch being that you either put notes in the same spot in the directory or edit the notes.ini file to ensure that anything that refers to a file path is updated correctly.
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