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Remote wipe function in OWA

355LT1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
As an Exchange 2007 admin , how to disable users  the remote wipe function in OWA?
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Set-CasMailbox user -OWAActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled:$false
One small modification here is:
> When we just mark this to false, all the OWA would go to false and gives you an OWA Basic appearence

Do the following :
Note: here one  is my test account.

[PS] C:\>set-CASMailbox one -OWACalendarEnabled:$true -OWAContactsEnabled:$true
-OWATasksEnabled:$true -OWAJournalEnabled:$true -OWANotesEnabled:$true -OWARemin
dersAndNotificationsEnabled:$true -OWAPremiumClientEnabled:$true -OWASpellChecke
rEnabled:$true -OWASearchFoldersEnabled:$true -OWASignaturesEnabled:$true -OWATh
emeSelectionEnabled:$true -OWAJunkEmailEnabled:$true -OWAUMIntegrationEnabled:$t
rue -OWAWSSAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled:$true -OWAWSSAccessOnPrivateComputersE
nabled:$true -OWAUNCAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled:$true -OWAUNCAccessOnPrivateC
omputersEnabled:$true -OWAAllAddressListsEnabled:$true -OWAChangePasswordEnabled
:$true -OWARulesEnabled:$true -OWAPublicFoldersEnabled:$true -OWASMimeEnabled:$t
rue -OWARecoverDeletedItemsEnabled:$True -OWAActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled:$false


Actually, I need to keep OWA active sync integration enabled and working on the iPhone  and remove the option for users to remote wipe a personal iPhone from OWA. Has that been tested.
Setting any one of the OWA values for the CASMailbox disables everything else, so you need to set the values
This doesn't break ActiveSync it just disables the page in OWA


So just running ; Set-CasMailbox user -OWAActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled:$false
 is not a good idea?
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What about simply removing initiate remote wipe in policy?

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