Logon Script for Terminal Server 2003

I have a 2003 Terminal CLOUD Server and have about three users that remote in for a virtual desktop environment. The server is NOT in a Domain or running AD. The server is only in a workgroup. I add users in Computer Management, Local Users and Groups.

I need to map a drive on each user account to a local folder on the same server. When I use the "Subst p: C:\folder" command it maps a P drive just fine and my software works. However, when I log off the user account and log back in, the P:\ drive is not mapped anymore. The drive won't stay mapped once you log off.

Therefore, my assumption is that I will need to run this command as a logon script. I created a text file with the command and named it file.bat. I see under the user properties, there is a Profile Tab with the User Profile settings where it appears that I could add the name of the file.

Since the Server is not a DC, I don't have the typical C:\Windows\sysvol\sysvol\domain.dom\scripts path to place the file.

Where does the file.bat file go in order for the TS Server to recognize the file to run it per user account?

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jonahzonaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have this running on our network.

It isn't done at the computer level, it is done at the user level (at least the way I have it set up)

The OU with the users that need the drive as GP attached that runs the .bat at logon.

This is done under Group Policy -> User Settings -> Admnistrative -> System -> Logon -> Run these programs at logon

Here I have the .bat file that mounts the network drive listed. It runs each time the user in that OU logs in.

Does that help?

I can provide the .bat if you want to see it.
Also, if you use the /persistent:yes at the end of that command, it will be there after a logout/login.


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