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I have a mpg video. I need to convert it to mp4. I'm using free video converter.

How can I determine the best taille for the output without loosing the quality of the video ?
I  have several choices in the aspec and size . How can i determine the ratio aspect of the mpg video in order to choose the same thing in the convertion ?

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MaximRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess only Windows 7 shows that tab.
Another solution is to download Splayer. It is a great video player and if you open your video with Splayer -> right clic on your video -> Information (or Shift + F10), You can see the resolution and the aspect ratio of your video.

Good luck !
Right clic on the .mpg file and on the details tab, you can see all the information about height, width....
With this information, you can set your output format

Hope it helps
workflow80Author Commented:
I have a PC. I don't have the details tab. I have only the properties tab adn it does not show the format.
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