Split site collection prior to restore

I have a site collection that features 2 sites.
I want to move (restore) to a different server but would like to have them as 2 seperate collections - is this possible?
If so, should I split/promote/whatever before or after the backup/restore?
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
That URL talks about splitting a site collection over multiple content databases and how it is not possible. No solutions there.
I'm pretty sure I've achieved what I needed to do by saving the site as a template (with content), copying the wsp file to the new server, activating it and creating a new site collection based on the template
i will wonder if there is a way to split a site collection to two.
Check this link

but i can create backup for the single sites and add it to the new site collection using backup and restore or import export.
QPRAuthor Commented:
see reason given
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