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Restart PC remotely

kriiis asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I would like to know how to restart a pc via network adapter ?  can someone explain me this detaily ?
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Top Expert 2011

If you want to restart a Windows PC on the network for which you have administrative rights, you can always do so from the command line (Start > Run > cmd).

shutdown -r -f -t 0 -m \\remote_computer

This will restart the system forcefully and will begin the process immediately (without waiting).

If you have admin rights on the other computer, you can do it this way

shutdown -i
After add the computer(s)
set the time and clic ok

If I am not wrong - You want to reboot the machine via remote.

You cane use - shutdown and shutdown -i as mentioned by Vobri and MaximR

You can also use PSSHUTDOWN - by Microsoft sisinternal - Powerfull tool with many advanced switches - Free :)
Danny ChildIT Manager
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!thanks for your quick replies.

This can be done only with the POE switches ? or it works as well for the normal swithces ?

Can i restart a domain pc from an external pc outside the office ?

Pstools should be installed on all the workstations which i need to restart  ?

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