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I have 2 dell powerconnect 3548p switches, I have configured the data VLAN as 10 and the Voice VLAN as 100. I have enabled the Voice VLAN and set the ports to be general. I have VLAN 100 set as tagged and VLAN 10 set as untagged. I have a DHCP server and a Mitel Phone system attached to the switches (both in untagged VLAN 100 ports). I configure my Mitel  5330 IP phone under modify static value, I set the VLAN to be 100 and I set the IP for our phone system.

I cannot get the phone to connect to the phone system or get an IP address. I do have a PC attached to the phone and it worked but the phone would not work.

I did set the phone so that is does not have a VLAN and connected it to an untagged 100 port and it did get an IP address but I need it to work with a PC connected to it.
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Hi eagleeye55,

For a Mitel phone to get an IP address from a DHCP server, the DHCP server MUST offer either option 125 (the Mitel option) or option 43 (Vendor neutral option)
The options both look something like this:

Mitel phones start by sending out untagged packets( DHCP Requests), then depending on the IP address and option details they get they can then send out tagged packets.
What you could do is:
Have the DHCP on the untagged (VLAN10) network include either option 43 or 125 as follows:

Have another DHCP server on the tagged (VLAN 100) network with the same option:

* You will need to change the IP Address( to your controllers IP Address

What should happen then is:
The phone will boot and send out untagged DHCP request packets
- It should get an IP address from the untagged DHCP server range, but the option125 (or 43) will tell it that it should be on VLAN 100, so...
It will release the IP Address and send out new tagged DHCP requests
- Now it will get the IP address from the tagged DHCP Server range and remain of the tagged VLAN.
The PC attached to the phone will simply ignore the Mitel options (125 or43) and remain on the untagged VLAN.

Hope this helps
I would also make sure that the trunk ports and the port(s) for your DHCP server are set to "Trusted" if you have DHCP Snooping enabled.
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