Monitoring Exchange 2003

I need to setup an email notification for the following on my Exchange 2003 Server:

- If database drives have 25% space left
- If log drives have 25% space left
- If the Queues have email waiting to be sent to outside mail server or mailboxes fill up (messages cannot be routed for a period of time). I have users that receive delayed emails 3 days after they send them, and they say they couldn't deliver the message.
- If an information store goes offline
- Anything else that would be good to monitor that can be sent to me via email.
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If your store goes offline - you are not going to be able to get Exchange to email you an alert.

You might want to consider looking at GFI Max Remote Monitoring:

You can configure it to alert you by text if drives fill up to a set threshold and a lot of other items.  Not sure it can alert you if a store goes offline, but it can auto-restart Services if they stop.

We use it to monitor our customers servers and it is a great product.
Greg27Author Commented:
It's true that I couldn't email an alert if my store goes offline, unless I have multiple stores and not all of them go down. That was what I was thinking about. However, it's good to know of a product will work regardless. Thanks.
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