Deleted User from Windows Small Business Server 2008

Good afternoon, all. Here is my conundrum:

Environment: Windows Small Business Server 2008 w/ Exchange 2007

The on-site admin deleted the wrong user during a routine AD cleanup. He quickly re-added the user. :(  Now, of course, the user can't get to his previous profile on his desktop machine nor can he get to his previous email. Everything is new. I swooped in and tried to use some AD undelete techniques, but I don't see any objects available for recovery! The user object and the mailbox are just gone (it seems). I tried the LDP tool to view the deleted objects container and it is empty ("no children") and other similar tools report nothing as well.

Solutions in order of desirability:
1. Undelete the user and mailbox and restore normal function as if nothing happened
2. Extract email, contacts, and calendar and import into new profile and go from there

I am happy to answer any and all questions. thanks!
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serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you can find some methods for restore a user account.

Once you restore the user account, try to use the Disconected Mailbox tool from Exchange Management Console and verify if your mailbox is there. IF not is there. you can log on in the computer for the deleted account, backup the outlook folder usually %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Then get sure that the computer is disconected from the network. Open Outlook in disconnected mode. File - Import or Export - PST and follow the wizard to export your information in OST to PST file. Create the new mailbox if necessary. Then create a new profile for email in the user's computer in control panel - email. Set this new profile as default. Import the pst backup into the exchange server.
kommgroupAuthor Commented:
The mailbox did not come back as disconnected, so i will have to investigate that, but i went ahead and converted the ost and recovered the vast majority of the user's stuff. thanks for the suggestions.
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