Dell Dimension 2400 Samsung SW-252S CD Rom not recognized

This should be fairly easy to solve.  I tried everything I can think of and still no go.'

Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop computer running Windows XP Pro.

The computer does not display the CD Rom drive in My Computer.  I cannot access the drive at all.  I tried downloading a firmware upgrade for the drive but it failed because the computer cannot see the drive.  

In control panel it does recognize the drive but there is the yellow exclamation point next to it.  
I figured I could update the drive from device manager but I cannot seem to find the driver in .inf format to update it. I tried Dell's website and all they have is the Firmware update and no driver.  

I tried uninstalling the driver and rolling back the driver both with no luck.

Any suggestions?   Device Manager
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Found this on another website:

Good luck.
There wouldn't be a CD Rom driver, you'd rather need the Controller interface driver which is usually part of the chipset drivers. Most of the times those general IDE drivers are already included in the OS, so that also reduces the need for extra drivers.

First of all try booting a bootable CD, because if that doesn't work the drive is bad and needs to be replaced. If you can boot from the CD uninstall any packet writing tools like InCD (part of Nero), or DirectCD (part of Roxio). Reboot, then remove the upper and lower filters (follow the instructions in the Link), then reboot again and check if it now works.
If this CD unit has jumpers, put it as a master if only one on the IDE cable.  If sharing the cable with a hard drive, make the hard drive jumper as master and the CD jumper as secondary.
If this doesn't work then the CD unit is toast.
Mr_JSAuthor Commented:
Thanks @muganthony.  It must have been some old registry entries.  Dougknox utilities fixed this problem right up.
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