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Map drives on user machines using GP or script?

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hello Experts,

I wanted a drive to appear under My computer for my department person's pointing to new server. I moved one share to this server and pushed the changes for Group policy by right clikcing my domain name..Group policy---User configuration---Windows Settings---Scrippts--Logon---Properties---Edit ---browse---policies and found the policy for my department which is already mapping those drives:

Added another line saying

net use w:  "\\Servername\E$\Sharename"

But the new drive does not show up after log off and log in. I can manually map the drive though. My question is , is there any other place where these policies needs to be changed? Am i doing anything wrong above? I am chnging it under User Configuration---Windows settings--scripts--login, is that correct?
Thanks for your help
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update your group policy on the user's system by using run:
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Great, I did gpupdate and gpupdate /force  logged off and logged back in and I can see new drive on my system.

Does this mean this gpupdate has to be done for every user? what if i had like 100 users. Is there a way I can push it to run after i make change and next time a user login. may be a script or something? Thanks for your time.
All clients should update over night, so I think you will be okay. However the gpupdate command only updates teh computer that its ran on.
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