I have application in c#, and now it does not have any membership feature there.
The goal is to rapidly add membership feature there so it is going to be membership website. membership is not our option since it looks to complicated to us. Plus we are looking for quick turn around.  All requirements we want to have signup/login/forgot password ui.
have sql script to execute all the tables, be able to capture the memberid so I can save the transaction with the memberid for information purpose.

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I would still suggest that you use a membership provider, in your case the SQL membership provider sounds like it will do nicely. With a provider you can bind the process directly to pre-built login controls.

Using this will greatly reduce the amount of code you will need to write and gives you the flexibility to swap out your data store if you need to. Do some quick reading on it and you won't regret how simple it make the user management side of things:
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