Do not delete list entry when certain fields contain data


I am running SharePoint 2010 and I am not a SharePoint Guru nor a programmer BUT I am trying to get some thinks working. So I have a list with lets say three columns. Lets call them Column1, Column2, and Column3. I want to build a mechanism that a user cannot delete an item from a list unless Column2 and Column3 are empty.

Is that possible somehow? Again, I am not a developer nor can I program. But I know some about SharePoint and a little about SharePoint Designer, Workflows and Infopath.

Please let me know if that can be accomplished without writing 100 lines of code.

Thank you
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Mc2102Author Commented:
Found a solution using Infopath.
The Only way I know of is a event receiver  -  as a feature on that list.

That is the only way - so far .

Mc2102Author Commented:
Found a solution using Infopath
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