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I really need some help here. Our staff is going to meet with a client, we need to be able to play a few files on the client`s DVD player. I don't have any info about the DVD payer at all. I burned a few files to DVD+R discs and they played fine on our portable DVD player, however i was told that client`s DVD player did not play the disc.
I found an old DVD player here in the office and I converted the .mov files to .AVI, .MP4, .VOB, burnt them to DVD disc and none of them played on this older DVD player.... I also tried finalizing the discs, but no help. I have Xilisoft software as well as Roxio 10, I just can't seem to get these working.
Please help. I need to be able to burn these files to DVD disc using the format that every DVD player supports....
Xilisoft General Video Formats include:
I'm out of ideas at this time....
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Try Video DVD Maker Free ( ) or

DVD Flick ( ).  

Both programs will transcode your video files to the proper video type for creating a video DVD suitable for viewing on any DVD player. You can also burn the DVD from these programs. Menu creation is somewhat clunky, though.

Best of all, they're both free! Good luck
zanderkidAuthor Commented:
thanks, I will give these a shot and post back...
How old is the player?  I have a first gen player sitting around and it won't play ANY computer-generated DVD.  Later gens would play -R or +R but not both.  Finally, newer gens would play anything.  Has anyone played anything on this player other than a commercially produced DVD?
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zanderkidAuthor Commented:
the problem is, I have no idea what kind of DVD player client will be using..... DVD player that I found in the office for testing is an older Magnavox, will check for a model shortly.
Go with DVD-R it's the safest, burn at low speeds like X4 or X8 choose DVD that show the burn speed at these  use good quality DVD such as verbatim or Sony.
if you like I have posted snapshots of ther steps how to make a DVD using DVD Flick
scroll down to the snapshots
zanderkidAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, appreciate the help
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