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preparing for first day on the job

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I wanted to know if someone has some good advise for a first day at a new job?  What to expect, what to look out for, and what to ask?
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the better advice i can give you, is to dont feel bad about asking for help, most of problems with all my partners are that they feel like they know everything, ask about the things you dont feel strong, and say everything useful you can aport, dont be lazy and dont wait until someone tells you you have to do something, when you know you have to do it.

Good luck and congratulation.
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Take notes! Lots of them!

Take your time on each element youre responsible for.  Make sure you understand exactly what is going on before going tothe next element.  In otherwords, dont rush, or let yourself be rushed.

basic things IT admins should look at:
Backup:  not just is it there and working, but is it backing up the right stuff?  Recovery drills?  Offsite? notification?
Updates:  are all systems up to date?  if not, why not (could be very good reasons)?
Security:  Confirm security is place, make sure you understand company policies on this, or generate some if none are in place.  AV updates working?  failure notification?
Load/Performance:  Is the system about to require an upgrade?  What performance do users expect?
Potential problems:  check server error logs, and see what you can find.
Redundancy:  Are all server RAID arrays in optimal condition?  multi-server syncronizations all good?
Budget:  Whats your yearly budget?  Is it feasable?  If not, say so on DAY 1.

Of course, this list goes on nd on, but I'd suggest the above as starting points.

Look for pretty good shape body nice teeth woman and then when you are friend of they, all your male team members will be good with you and then everyone will be your friend, then you can ask everyone for a favor and all ofthem will agree to do it
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Beside the technical job-related advices, don’t forget that you will work with persons and not only with machines.
For the first day, beside the technical stuff, first of all I would say try to introduce yourself in a pleasant manner. Remember the name of the people that you will be in contact with, as much as possible.
Observe the people, their relation, the environment of your next job, even if will take more than first day. Speak less in the beginning.
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