iPhone calendar alerts double

Hi Experts,

I'm having an issue with Calendar alerts on my iPhone 4. Whenever I schedule something on my calendar, the alert goes off, then I close it, and then it goes off again right away - the second time.

So... i have to close each alert twice every time, instead of just once. How can i only make the Calendar alert me once?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!
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I did some testing on my iPhone 4 and I couldn't reproduce your problem even when I set 2 alarms (at the same time) for events.

Some thoughts and questions:
- Did you check if there are 2 alarms set for those events? It appears to me as if your iPhone has mixed up alarms for Calendar and alarms for messages, which can be set to go off up to 10 times. Maybe you can check that too.
- There are few configurable options in iPhone Calendar so if there are no double alarms set for an event there is no other place to control alarms.
- Did you install some other app (even if you don't use it) that runs a calendar service, and maybe it interacts with the iPhone default Calendar.
- Did you switch off and on your iPhone recently?
- Maybe it is a bug in the Calendar software.

If none of the above help, I would try the next steps (use at your own risk...):
- Synchronize the Calendar with iCal (on Mac OS X), see if the repeated alarms happen there too. If not, synchronize the Calendar from iCal to iPhone (via iTunes) and overwrite the iPhone calendar data.
- If that doesn't help, make a backup of the iPhone apps and data, reinstall iOS, and restore everything. But that would be my last resort option.

Hope this helps.
I don't have that issue on my phone.  Are you sure that when you add the initial request it is not going into two calendars that the iPhone has access to?
Are you using exchange or some other shared cal? I noticed at times that my Ical entries can cause a double alert. If you are using Ical/Outlook check and see if one of the previous occurring events has 2 alerts/alarms assigned to the one event on your Desktop/laptop. Then attempt to create a new event and check again on the computer to see if it is just preference on your Cal program.

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Did you already check if you have double events in your calendar? I think we need some more details here. How do you add calendar events? Only on your iPhone? Or do you synchronize your calendar with other devices and calendars?
Kaptain1Author Commented:

I only add events through iPhone. I don't sync it with Outlook. Don't use Exchange, nor any other Shared calendar.

I don't see that there's any "double" entries on my calendar.

How should I proceed with troubleshooting this? What could it be?

Thank You!
I know you can add 2 alerts (and maybe even more) per event in iCal on a Mac. I need to check a few things on my own iPhone before updating my ideas on troubleshooting this issue. Maybe the calendar file/database got corrupted, maybe it's a setting. I'll get back at it later today.
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