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Include all Contacts in a Contacts List in a Distribution List

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
I have a contact list in Outlook that is linked to a contact list on Sharepoint.  I want to create a distribution list that includes all those contacts.I can do this normally by creating a new distribution list, then selecting all members of the contact list.  But   More importantly, if a new contact is added to the Contact List on Sharepoint I want the distrbituion list to be updated automatically without having to select all the members again in the contact list and putting them in the distribution list.  
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Sr. Analyst - System Administrator
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OK.   So is there an easy way to effectively select all the members of a Contact List in outlook when I am sending a new email other then picking the first entry, using the Shift key and scrolling down to and picking the last entry.?  

I support some very naive users who may find this too difficult.   I found that ctrl-A doesn't work when selecting members of a contact list, but something like that?  
Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System Administrator


If you want to select members in contact you can create a distribution list in your outlook. but this will be only in your outlook. and then if you adding any contact you need to add it manually...!

If you selecting members from GAL, then you can go for query based distribution list. in query based DL, it will automatically add the users to the DL as per the scenario you have given. then this wil be seen for everyone in your organisation...!

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