Exchange 2007 does not allocate email address for new mailboxes

MS Server 2008 with Ex 2007 (transition from Ex2003) does not allocates an email address to new user mailboxes, I presume this worked fine when the Ex2003 (SBS2003) was running all exchange services (the SBS box is still running and Exchange is still installed but not running any Ex services).

I thought we finished the Exchange transition, guess I was wrong!

Bill - London.
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wlewis123Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ha, it must be late! I found an article by Petri 'Defining an Exchange 2007 E-Mail Address Policy' fully explaining the recipient 'Policy' process.

The default Ex2003 policy was there in Ex2007 but not applied (and could not be edited because it was 'legacy' from the 2003 box), so to apply this 'Default policy' I need to run;

"set-emailaddresspolicy "default policy" -includedrecipients allrecipients" in Exchange Managment Shell, worked first time, SWEET!

Bill - London

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wlewis123Author Commented:
I was too quick to ask on here (it was late, I was tired), hope it might help someone.
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