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Stacking 2 Cisco 2970G switches

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Is it possible to use 2 sfp ports to daisy chain a pair of 2970G switches and load-balance the 2 gig ports to allow for a full 2GB of through-put between the 2 devices?

Or I am limited to using a single sfp port and 1gb of throughput?
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Technically with one fiber you get 2gb of through-put.  But if you connect two fibers between the switches then PagP should create an etherchannel for you and they should load balance and give you 4gb between the switches.  You can check by doing a Show pagp on the switch after you make the connection.  It should show the channel group number.  


Do you have any examples of the config by chance?

doing this will only help you if your traffic between the switches comes from a random mix of mac addresses. the switch determines which link to send the packet over based on source and/or destination mac address. if your traffic is all between a few servers, then you most likely wont see even balance of traffic, but you should find somewhat better than only using one link.
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ok guys thank you.  I will go ahead and try this with the 2970G's.  My servers and power users will be on the main switch and the people that don't require the network as much will be on the daisy chained switch.
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