How do I open FTPS connection using SSH

I am logging into a Linux hosting account using SSH.

Via SSH, I am trying to open a FTPS (implicit FTP over TLS) connection to another server (Windows based) using port 990. I need to use this Linux account as it's dedicated IP address is the only IP that is allowed access to the Windows server.

I have no idea on how to achieve this using SSH. Please help!

Eventually, I need to set-up a scheduled job on the Linux host to check the other Windows server regularly using FTPS. If files exist, they would be transferred to the Linux host.

Assistance on setting up this scheduled job on the Linux host would also be very much appreciated.
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Accessing a SFTP host is not done using the SSH (Secure SHell) client. You'll want to use a FTP client that supports SFTP (FTP via SSH) commonly confused with FTPS which does not use the SSH transport.

The SFTP client is part of the OpenSSH install on most Distros of Linux.

man sftp

Filezilla can handle SFTP just fine.
What you've not described, is why you're hung up on ssh.
You mention that you connect to your Linux box using ssh.  This is good, but that's the termination point for ssh.

You're now going to run a new program on Linux...
you could run ls, cat, ssh, sftp, ftps, etc...

they're all unique individual programs (ok, sftp, and ssh may be hardlink'd, let's assume they're not).

from the $ promt.. run ftps to the windows server.
Why would that require ssh?  
ssh would require an ssh server on the windows box (it could be there, but not by default).

Now, if you want to be convoluted, you could open an ssh tunnel to the windows box, then ftps through the tunnel.  WHY?

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