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When I open http://localhost and Comet make connection using iframe it work perfectly.

If I tried to open http://localhost in another browser tab it keep delaying without show the page, however if I changed from http://localhost to it works.

How can I fix that?
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Mohamed AbowardaSoftware EngineerAsked:
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If you start a session and do not close the session other request will wait in PHP till the session is free. As the session cookie is not send to a new session wil be gernerated there and you can continue to work there. Check if you can close your session in the comet part with session_write_close().
Vimal DMSenior Software EngineerCommented:

1) Find out from HTTPCONFIG file that accepts the "localhost and " as the default IP

2) Sometimes using the browser setting may cause this problem

Mohamed AbowardaSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Sometimes the web address become completely inaccessible, no matter the page I am trying to access is using sessions or not.

Any suggestions?
Mike DSolution ConsultantCommented:
Check your server logs for errors...
Mohamed AbowardaSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
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