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Drive Mappings not appearing

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Windows server 2008R2, has been working fine.  Experienced power outage and for a reason not know, the backup power supply did not work properly.  Had to force server to power down.  Once restarted, several computers logged in properly and all drive mappings, using the drive mapping feature new to Windows 2008 with tne addon loaded for WinXP.  However, on serveral computers, you could log in but the drive mappings did not appears.  If we disconnected from domain, deleted computer and DHCP lease, then reattached to domain, then logged on and drive mappings appears.  However, on some computers, this still would not work.

Any suggestions on what is causing the problem and how to resolve.
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MichaelSystems Engineer
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are the drives being mapped using a login script or were they manually mapped on each computer? either way, do the following

net use * /del

and answer yes if it asks you if you want to continue. Then re-map the drives.

if you see a red cross on the drives but when you click on them, you are able to access the drive, then it is xp not refreshing the network connection status. in this case just clicking into these drives, should get them connected again.

Sometimes in XP, I've seen drives being mapped, but not showing up in explorer.
Have you tried accessing the drives from the command prompt on machines where you cannot see them?

For example, if you mapped "s:", but cant see it. Open cmd.
Type s:
See if dos see's the drive. If it does, use net use s: /delete to disconnect.
Repeat for all drives.
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The comment addresses the entire issue
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