rsync permission denied created directories have no permissions

I'm trying to push changes to my server through ssh on windows (cygwin) using rsync. The command I am using is:

rsync -rvz -e ssh /cygdrive/c/myfolder/ rsyncuser@

/srv/www/prj112/myfolder/ is owned by rsyncuser. My problem is that eventhough with rsync the sub directories are create as they publish, each directory is assigned default permission of d--------- so rsync fails to copy any files inside it.

How do I fix this?
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farzanjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This command would work on Linux at least.  Note that rsync does not need to mention ssh--at least on Linux.
rsync -av <SOURCE_DIR> rsyncuser@

I am not sure on Windows side about the source path.
If you're attempting to maintain permissions, use -avz instead of -rvz.
I use rsync daily, but not from cygwin.
NewtonianBAuthor Commented:
respect farzanj!!!!! that worked i don't know why the other way had all these permission issues. WIth the other way after every pass it would create a directory level, then on the server i would do a chmod -R 775 then when i reran rsync it would again be able to sync one level deeper and so on as I had to fix all permission issues.
I've been reading this post which is essentially

anyways amazing thanks again
You are most welcome.  Glad it worked.
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