How to simple archive exchange 2007 emails

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to archive some large mailboxe on an 08 sbs server with exchange 2007 installed. Two computers in particular are Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Basically wanting to archive some emails by year/date so i can reduce their mailbox sizes.

The more pain free the solution the better! I don't mind paying a small fee for a piece of software if it is very good.

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Here is a good list of software to go through to see if something fits your needs:
You can download the mailboxes to outlook and move then to an archive folder or another pst file. That's easy unless you have like 500 accounts you are trying to archive.

REITPROAuthor Commented:
Yep that's how i was gonna do it till i realised the mailboxes have over 10 folders just in inbox.
It's gonna take a long time if i do it folder by folder hence me looking for an app or something similar to exmerge but will work on 07 exchange and vista/7 os platform.
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