Cannot download MobileMe contacts

I have a client with about 1100 contacts in his MobileMe account organized into about 25 groups.  We need to download them to his computer to move them to a Hosted Exchange service.  We have tried:
-Setting up MobileMe service on his Windows 7 and Windows XP machines and syncing to a blank Outlook profile - this results in a MobileMe error that won't allow the sync - MobileMe tech support provided several solutions which did not work
-Removing the MobileMe account from his iPhone, merging his contacts, then syncing his phone to a blank Outlook profile via USB cable - this synced the contacts but removed many of the phone numbers in the contact records and removed them from their groups when they arrived in Outlook Contacts.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

If using Windows Vista or XP, you could try importing into the Windows Address book instead of Outlook?

Then export to a WAB file.

In Outlook, import addresses from Outlook Express and point it to the WAB file you created earlier.


PAMurilloAuthor Commented:
I actually thought of that after posting my question. I think your solution will work as I had initially synced to Windows Contacts and it appears that all contacts synced (including phone numbers) successfully to Windows contacts.

My plan is to use iTunes and selectively sync each Group one at a time.  Then move each group from Windows Contacts to Outlook in a corresponidng custom Contacts folder in Outlook
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