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how to move vm hosts from one ESXI server to VMware vsphare 4.1

I have one VMWare ESXI and one VMWare Vsphare Server4.1,  I am to move my all host machines from ESXI server to VMware Vsphare server. I dont have Vcenter server. is there are any thard party or free utility .
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Brian GeeCommented:
If it's the simple act of moving the files and folder structures, you can try Veeam FastSCP or use the datastore browser itself to access the files. I use Veeam FastSCP with my home ESXi server for backups.  
Brian GeeCommented:
Both free options, of course, and easy to use.
Brian GeeCommented:
If you wanted to read about or evaluate Veeam FastSCP:

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
This can be done with Veeam FastSCP but is slow.

I would recommend two approaches, a V2V (virtual to virtual conversion or migration) using VMware Convertor.

1. Use VMware Convertor for free.

If you've not used VMware Convertor, you can check out fellow Expert Bestway guide here

For the conversion steps, read Bestway's article.



2. Using Veeam Backup and Replication 5 for free.

If you have licensed versions of VMware ESX, you can use Veeam Backup and Replication 5 for free. Trials are available for free. This would allow you to Replicate and transfer the Virtual Servers from one server to another.


Any further clarification or questions, please ask.
Any of the above solutions will work. I am assuming that (1) These are both the "free" editions of ESXi, and (2) the vms to be moved are on local storage and NOT on a SAN. If either of those assumptions are wrong please let me know.

If that is the case I would also cast my vote for Veeam FastSCP to move the files and folders that comprise each vm over. No particular "conversion" steps need to be followed. While Bestway has an excellent article (and I often recommend it for P2V conversions) it is a bit of overkill for moving from one version of ESX(i) to another. All you really need to do is copy the files over.

When the files are on the new ESXi host open the datastore browser and browse to the folder you copied over, right click the .vmx file and select add to inventory. At this point you will be able to power on the vm.

Once the vm is up and running on the new ESXi -- upgrade VMware tools in the vm, then finally upgrade the virtual hardware to version 7. Please be sure to upgrade the tools first (before the hardware) for proper driver support.

Please note that the vm needs to be in a powered down state to migrate using this method. If you have a requirement for minimal downtime then please use the VMware Converter method hanccocka has recommended as it will allow you to copy a powered on vm. The converter method also has a few other advantages as it can upgrade the hardware and tools as part of the move, as well as do thin provisioning of the destination if you desire that.

My last comment is on the Veeam Backup and Replication suggestion. That is also a great tool for doing the move via the replication component, however you must have fully licensed ESX or ESXi servers in order to use this tool - and it is a bit complex to setup and use for a one time migration. Now if you have a paid (as opposed to free) ESXi license the Veeam Solution would be a great thing to look at for ongoing operational concerns such as virtual machine backup and recovery.

Good Luck
You could use a Storage appliance to use your local disk as Network shared storage.

gukhanAuthor Commented:
Dear All Experts ,

I will try all the options tomorrow evening .

Thanks for your early responce .

New version of Veeam SCP does not support ESXi, can any one suggest another software or method.

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