DNS forwarder configuration

Please help me to configure forwarders in my DNS servers.
Criteria given below..

i have three domains called  "abc.com", "xyz.com" & "am.xzy.com".
I need to resolve xyz.com domain & am.xyz.com machines from abc.com. for this purpose i have configurd forwarder for xyz.com. and now i need to configure forwarder for am.xyz.com domain.
Please help me in this case..
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Though these are external domains, I am assuming that there is a site-to-site connectivity so the internal networks of any domain can be reached reached from the other two domains.
You can configure conditional forwarders as below:
abc.com ----> conditional forwarder ----> Internet sites - ISP DNS IP
                                                       xyz.com             - xyz.com DNS IP
                                                       am.xyz.com      - am.xyz.com DNS IP
(You can skip the last one considering that there is delegation configured for am,xyz.com on xyz.com DNS server and there is connectivity throughout.)

xyz.com ----> conditional forwarder ----> Internet sites - ISP DNS IP
                                                         abc.com             - abc.com DNS IP
(am.xyz.com will not require forwarding as this is a child domain, and considering delegation is already configured.)

am.xyz.com ----> conditional forwarder ----> All other domains - xyz.com DNS IP

Another solution is that you can also configure Zones Transfer between the DNS server of the three domains.
For this you will have to create enable zone transfer and then specify the IP of specific DNS servers to which these zones be transfered, then create secondary zones by same name on the other two DNS and then let the zone transfer happen.
Glen KnightCommented:
You want to resolve them internally? Are they internal or external domains?
aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
external domains
Glen KnightCommented:
So why are you adding forwarders? I am assuming you are talking about conditional forwarders?

All you need to do is add your ISP DNS servers to the forwarders tab on the properties of the server in the DNS console.  Make sure there is no zone for these domains and DNS will do the rest.
aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
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