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Hi, Experts -
I have a simple stand-alone Access 2010 database (.mdb - using 2003 compatibility because we have a few stragglers who have not yet been upgraded). The users like tab controls. So, I created a form with sub-forms on each tab. So far, just two tabs each with their own sub-form.

On main form (first tab) - a combo box displays all employees.  Once an employee is selected,   Sub-form1 displays the fields from a query executed with code tied to the AfterUpdate event on the combo box.  All is fine there.

But the second tab's sub-form2 - which is supposed to display rows from a second query...also executed in the same code on the AfterUpdate event - displays nothing at all.  In the header portion of Sub-form2, I have the following Iif stmt, which is referencing fields in the query executed:  
     =IIf([ID]<>"",[EEName],"No Tuition Apps found for " & [EEName])

What am I doing wrong?
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Nico BontenbalCommented:
Difficult to say what is wrong based on this information. Could you upload and example with these forms and the queries and tables they need (and some fake data). Or could you at least copy the code from the AfterUpdate event.

I suppose you set the RecordSource property for the subform in your code. You could set a breakpoint on this line and put the value of the RecordSource property in the immediate window. Then you paste this SQL in a new query and check if it returns any results.
check link fields from both main and child forms on both tabs.
OGSanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, Nicobo & hnasr.  I managed to figure out the problem(s) on my own.  Turned out my underlying query needed to be rewritten.  Splitting points between you but weighting more with Nicobo for his added thoughtfulness.  Thanks, again.
Jeff (aka OGSan)
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