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Excel to Access Append Query

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have an excel file that has been converted into a table. This table has one row with 3 fields (account# [unique] UtilityCo1, UtilityCo2, UtilityCo3, CustNo1, CustNo2 & CustNo3. I need to append this to a table where each account # is a separate record with one UtilityCo and one CustNo. When I try to do an append query I get Duplicate Output Destination. I would like for the query to create a new record with the same account # for each different utility co.

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Simon BallChief information Officer

you could copy and past the data in excel using paste special, transpose... then re-import so you have multiple records...

sounds like you need to write seperate queries for each of the 3 util/cust pairings?

insert into targettable
select UtilityCo1,  CustNo1
from importeddatatable

insert into targettable
select UtilityCo2,  CustNo2
from importeddatatable

insert into targettable
select UtilityCo3,  CustNo3
from importeddatatable

Top Expert 2016

you can use a union query

select A.* from
select accountNo, UtilityCo1,  CustNo1 from  temptable
union all
select accountNo, UtilityCo2,  CustNo2 from  temptable
union all
select accountNo, UtilityCo3,  CustNo3 from  temptable
) as A

you can make a new table out of the union query
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