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I'm in my process to setup a Kiosk touch screen for our facility , and I would like to design a pre design for the content for the user interface.

Any body knows what the best software for designing ?

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You can design a touch screen kiosk in any program where you can control navigation using mouse clicks (screen taps), so use what you are comfortable with. A "kiosk" can be a set of web pages, an advanced powerpoint, a flash application, etc. I create most of mine in Adobe (Macromedia) Director.

If you do not have much experience in interface design, I highly recommend consulting with a company that does. The worst thing you can do is spend time creating a program that the user hates or won't/can't use because of a poorly designed user interface.

Another consideration is security. You will want to investigate ways to lock down the system so an unscrupulous user cannot get into things they are not supposed to. Take a look at Internet Kiosk Pro or other similar programs. ( )

David BruggeCommented:
Cabis is absolutely correct.

I did the designs for the Traveler's Information kiosks in the Chicago O'Hare, Philadelphia International, and Dallas/Ft. Worth baggage claim areas. I primarily used Photoshop, but much of the work is done in Corel Draw, and even MS Paint. Some of the Arabic screens were done in MS Word because we were too cheap to buy a Middle-East version of Photoshop (necessary to set type that reads right to left)

It's all about getting the images that you want and then placing the touch zones.
beesoo00Author Commented:
Thanks alot for your suggestions
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