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Unable to print a range of pages from Word 2010

Since we upgraded our computers to Windows 7  and  Office 2010 we are having problems printing selected pages.
Even though I specify I want to print page 1 out of 10 pages, it prints everything.

2 Solutions
If these are old documents, e.g. from a library program, I have found that Word 2010 can't see the page numbers properly.  To tell if this is the problem you are having please insert the page numbers at the bottom of each page.  When it did this the instead of numbers I got "##0(){}" etc.

The only way I found to get round this was to print the entire file to something like cute pdf then print the pages I wanted from the PDF.

Before you go to that extent thought you may want to try repairing the documents, i.e. Do a file open and click the littel arrow next to the open button and select open and repair.
Please try this as well.

Open the old word file and save it as a 2010 word File and then take a print.

dwm1Author Commented:
I have the same problem with documents already created in 2010. Still prints the whole lot rather yhen what I ask.

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Iain MacMillanCommented:
this might be an issue with your printer driver.  can you try defaulting to another printer, and see if Word behaves the same (all office docs remember their last printer settings).  I have heard a similar issue with Excel 2010 with an IT friend's Xerox systems -- he needed to have MS WHQL signed drivers loaded for all Office 2010 users on his new 2008 R2 print server, but those still on Office 2003 were printing fine.  You can check the driver version loaded on the server or your desktop easy enough - Devices & Printers, and then under Printer Properties of the device.

As TonyPerth mentioned, if you use CutePDF (free) or something similar, to save the PDF (MS provided a free add-on for 2007 to allow saving PDF's direct), and see if your PDF reader (Acrobat, Foxit, or Nitro) allow you to chose the page range to print.

perhaps this will be fixed when they finally release the first SP for 2010 (one of reasons i have not upgraded our company yet).
dwm1Author Commented:
I do have an application called AdvanceDocs where I can "print" my documents (they are then in the PDF format) and where I can select pages I want to print. It's fine for small documents but we'll have a problem with long onse. It will take ages to "print" them to Advance Docs...
Iain MacMillanCommented:
you might have a corrupt doc or formatting, you can copy/paste the contents to a new doc, but do not copy the last paragraph mark - this will keep all your formatting in place, but not copy the corrupt segment which is likely causing the issue.

might also be an idea to run a repair/diagnostics on Word just to be sure there isn't anything wrong with the install.

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