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Exchnage CCR cluster is in Suspended mode

padas6 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11

Exchnage CCR cluster is in suspended mode not able to replicate properly.
Becuse of Backup issues , circular logging is enable.

please suggest what is route cause & how problem gets resolved.

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This issue could happen if A backup is in progress on the active server or a communication issue.

As you said if the backup is causing the issue , stop the backup job and Resume-StorageGroupCopy.

From where you are taking the backup. configure your backup tool to take the backup from the passive node, not from the active node...

Run the "Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus /fl" and paste the output here.

Note you cannot do online backups while circular logging is enabled.


Hi Ashok,

Thanks for thr reply.

Presently resource is in second node.

Attached screenshots for your reference.

Stoage copy is not helathly, shall i take the backup from the passive node.

Please suggest.




So how you can address it.

Please tel me setp I have to resolve the issues.

If i disable circular logging logs , disk are getting ful quickly.

Is there any error logged in event.
Run the "Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus /fl" and update here -- this gives more info reg the error or why the replicaion is failing.

Y are you enabling the Circular logging .R u facing any disk space issue. how much log will generate approx. in a day


Because of Backup issue , I enable circular logging as driver gets full. I have 6 storage group &  database & logs are diffeent drive ( total 12). Shall I put all the 6 logs in the single drive to utilize the space properly.If yes what process I have to follow to do the changes , please help.

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Once above step is comnpleted resume the storage group copy. and check

Run the "Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus /fl" and update here -- this gives more info reg the error or why the replicaion is failing.


Thanks ashok for the guidance. Shall I take full online backup before movimg this logs file.


Thanks for help
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