Blackberry (word to Go) to Word 2003 or 2010 spell check issues


weird one.

I have a blackberry user who uses word to go (full version).  They are currently not spell checking the document on the blackberry (8520).  When the file is emailed to themselves (BES) word 2003 and/or 2010 isnt picking up the spelling mistakes.  2003 isnt showing any of the mistakes.  word 2010 is showing the double spacing mistakes and only some of the spelling mistakes.
I have copied the text out of the table into new word doc and the spell check is picking up the mistakes.

any ideas how to fix this?
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Reinstall the BB OS, and then the software again.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
fixed by editing document in word, before edit on the blackberry and after.
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